In the midst of escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas, President Joe Biden’s recent beach vacation in Delaware has drawn criticism from 50 Cent, the renowned rapper and outspoken conservative voice.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent took to Instagram to express his concern, posting a screenshot from an article titled, “Biden hits the beach with Middle East, Congress in Chaos.” In his post, 50 Cent urged the President, saying, “Hey Joe, get the f— up, we’re in trouble, man!” 

He also questioned the timing of the President’s beach trip in another post, asking, “We got some real shit going on out here, Joe. What’s the plan to get a tan and chill? Come on now.”

While 50 Cent referred to a June photo of President Biden at the beach, it’s worth noting that the President did indeed spend the weekend at his beach home in Delaware. This fact didn’t go unnoticed by conservatives on social media, who echoed the rapper’s sentiments.

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has claimed the lives of 1,400 Israelis and over 5,000 Palestinians, some Republicans couldn’t help but wonder about the alternative scenario. “Imagine how many people would be alive today in Europe and the Middle East if Trump had stayed in office and these wars never occurred,” wrote Jack Posobeic, a conservative editor and former Navy intelligence officer.

“Rapper 50 Cent calls out Joe Biden for sleeping on the beach while our country and world suffers because of his failures,” Alex Bruesewitz, a pro-Trump CEO of X Strategies LLC, tweeted.

The White House deputy spokesperson, Andrew Bates, defended Biden’s choice of location, stating, “As has been the case for the better part of a century, presidents can execute the full range of their duties from anywhere in the world – whether it’s a war zone in Israel or 100 miles from the White House in Delaware.” 

Bates also highlighted the President’s commitment, mentioning his discussions with some world leaders regarding support for Israel’s right to defend itself and assistance for Palestinian civilians.

Furthermore, Bates emphasized the President’s accomplishments during this period, including delivering security assistance to Israel, aid to Palestinian civilians, and progress on national security measures.

A Daily Mail report pointed out that Biden reached 1,000 days in office last Tuesday, and an analysis of White House reports revealed that at least 300 of those days were spent on holiday. According to an August report by The New York Post, he had spent 40% of his presidency on personal overnight trips away from the White House, a fact that raised concerns among many who have branded him “America’s most idle commander in chief.”