Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated over the weekend that President Joe Biden is fit to run for re-election, despite a number of Democrats urging him last week after his debate performance.

He shared his comments during a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” with Dana Bash, as he weighed in on Biden’s challenges.

Murphy said he was surprised that much of the focus in news coverage has been on how Biden did — rather than what Trump said, as Murphy then went on to dispute some of Trump’s claims.

“Personally, I love Joe Biden,” Murphy said, adding that he wasn’t sure Biden’s ABC News interview on Friday was enough to quiet opposition to Biden within the Democratic Party. “And so I think this week is going to be absolutely critical.”

“I think the president needs to do more,” he continued. “I’m not advising this campaign, but, if I were, I would probably suggest that the president get out there and do a town hall, that he do a press conference, that he show the country that he is still the old Joe Biden, one of the best retail politicians this country has ever seen.”

“The president says he can do that. I trust that he can,” he said, later adding: “I take him at his word. I believe that he can do it.”