Despite President Joe Biden’s recently released executive order that was sold as a way to curb the southern border crisis, the Biden administration has reportedly instructed the U.S. Border Patrol to allow illegal immigrants into the U.S. from over 94 Eastern Hemisphere countries rather than deport them.

Per The Washington Examiner border correspondent Anna Giaritelli, instructions on a memo given to Border Patrol agents by the Biden admin “contradicts what senior Biden administration officials told reporters in a call on Tuesday would be the case for migrants from Eastern Hemisphere countries who traveled through multiple countries without seeking asylum in order to reach the U.S., referred to as extra-hemispheric migrants.”

According to the media network, the Biden official said, “Extra-hemispheric migrants have always been a challenge. They will be subject to these rules, provisions. We’ve also been working with governments all over the world to enhance our ability to repatriate individuals to countries that have historically been challenging. We have, for example, operated repatriation flights to India, to China, to Uzbekistan, to Mauritania, to Senegal over the last few months, and those are all countries that historically would have been much more challenging for us to return individuals to and we anticipate we will continue to enhance our ability to return migrants to the Eastern Hemisphere.”

“So, we do think that the rules measures will allow us to impose an immediate and fast consequence to migrants no matter what country they’re coming from,” the official added.

However, instructions given to Border Patrol agents said that the only people to be referred for fast removal from the U.S. and not allowed to seek asylum are individuals from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Tajikistan and Moldova of the over 100 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere, which includes Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Everyone else from other Eastern Hemisphere countries aside from the six listed who enter into the U.S. will be allowed into the U.S. and allowed to seek asylum.

The instructions come after Biden signed an executive order last week that will temporarily close the border to non-citizens once the average number of daily encounters exceed 2,500 between official ports of entry.