Former President Donald Trump is holding onto hopes that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in his presidential primary ballots case will be in his favor. Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an interview aired Thursday, he said that he believes the court will keep him on primary ballots across the nation.

Efforts are being made in several states to disqualify Trump from their 2024 GOP primary ballots. The attempts, which cite Section 3 of the 14th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution point to a clause that stops individuals who have once aided or engaged in any form of insurrection or rebellion against the United States from holding office.

While Trump has never been charged or convicted for insurrection, his political rivals are hoping to make a good case to get him booted off state’s ballots.

But Trump believes that the justices will not take away people’s rights to vote.

“We put on three great justices, and you have some other great justices up there, and they’re not going to take the vote away from the people,” he said on Thursday.

Bringing back his Monday win in the Iowa caucuses, he added, “You saw in the history of the Iowa primary – it goes back a long time – I won by the most. Nobody’s ever won, as you know … there’s nobody even close. I doubled up and more than doubled up.”

“I’m sure the Supreme Court is going to say we’re not going to take the vote away from the people,” he said further.

Addressing claims by his rivals and critics that he is a threat to democracy, he pointed fingers at President Joe Biden, saying that he is the real threat to democracy.

In his words, “Biden is a threat to democracy, is an absolute threat to democracy, and he’s very dangerous for a couple of reasons.”

The GOP frontrunner accused the president of being “grossly incompetent,” suggesting that his failures are further exacerbated by people around him.

“It’s not him. It’s the people that surround him. You got some very bad people surrounding him at that desk,” Trump stated.

He then attacked the Department of Justice, saying that the people running the agency are “young, and they’re smart, and they’re communists, and they’re Marxists, they’re fascists, and they’re running this country…right into the ground.”

Later going back to the Supreme Court, Trump further expressed confidence that the Supreme Court would not allow his name to be removed from primary ballots.

“One, as we discussed, we call it Colorado or whatever, but you know, I really believe they’re going to leave the people to vote again. It’s hard to imagine they would do, and most states have already approved it, and as you know, very few states have done that,” he stated.

Trump’s remarks come as he is still reeling from his win on Monday, in which he had 51% of 90% votes counted, leaving Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in second place with 21.2% and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in third place with 19.1%.

The former president won 98 out of 99 counties in the state, garnering half of the state’s 40 delegates.

He is now in New Hampshire in preparation for the state’s primary next Tuesday.