Former CNN Political Analyst Chris Cillizza says the upcoming presidential debate is “A good thing for Biden.”

The infamous debate will see some changes this time around, including muted microphones, commercial breaks, no live audience, no opening statements, and the prohibition of the use of pre-written notes.

The previous presidential debates, which are normally mediated by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, have included live audiences and not muted the microphones of candidates. CNN will keep only the microphone open of the candidate who has been recognized to speak, otherwise, they will be muted. How CNN will enforce this rule hasn’t been unspecified.

Cillizza has since said he’s “surprised” the Trump’s campaign agreed to the rules because they seem to benefit Biden.

In the past, none of the candidates could appear in commercials. However, CNN might be looking to capitalize on the anticipated high views to sell ads. During the designed commercial breaks, no campaign staff or any persons involved in the campaigns of Trump or Biden can talk to them.

Cillizza outlines how this could benefit Biden, saying “[Biden] is older … I do think he struggles more with these live performance kind-of-things than does Trump.”

Again, the lack of studio audience also plays in Biden’s favor. He comments that Trump supporters are probably less likely to follow the rules and remain quiet than Biden voters. With this new rule, Biden doesn’t need to worry about getting booed or shouted out.

However, Cillizza says it’s not good for Biden. With the new prohibition of pre-written notes, Biden will need to rely on quick responses.

Only two debates have currently been scheduled. Following CNN’s debate on June 27, ABC News will host the second debate on September 10.