A national guardsman was arrested in Brackettville, Texas, on Sunday for allegedly trying to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the United States.

Law enforcement officers of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Kinney County Sheriff’s Department arrested Savion Johnson after he fled from officers in a chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph.

He was reportedly offered between $5000 to $6000 to smuggle the illegal alien, who was also arrested by law enforcement.

It took officers using strike stips to blow the vehicle’s tires to apprehend Johnson.

Per The New York Times, Johnson was identified as a Texas National Guard member who was involved in Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, a program to combat illegal immigration into Texas from its border with Mexico,

Speaking to Fox News, Abbott Press Secretary Andrew Mahaleris, press secretary for Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said that the alleged crime makes Johnson a “traitor and criminal” should he be guilty of the crime.

“We have zero tolerance for Texans who violate laws that directly contradict the mission we are seeking to achieve. The accused’s illegal smuggling may subject him to a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least 10 years. He deserves more,” he stated.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe has said that Johnson is only one of the National Guardsmen who has been arrested for attempting to smuggle illegal immigrants into the county.

“It’s not a good thing. But he’s not the first one we’ve picked up that’s associated with the National Guard. We’ve picked up attorneys. Preachers. Old ones, young ones, juveniles. The money is out there,” he said.

In June, two soldiers, including one national guardsman, were caught trying to smuggle illegal aliens in the same area where Johnson was caught.