In a passionate address to United Auto Workers members, former President Donald Trump made a fervent promise to repeal President Joe Biden’s Electric Vehicle mandates, highlighting concerns that these mandates could jeopardize the livelihoods of American auto workers and lead to skyrocketing car prices.

Trump, who said last month that he supports auto workers’ decision to strike for higher wages, reiterated his commitment to preserving jobs and affordable vehicles for all Americans. He asserted that the EV mandates championed by the Democrats would eliminate thousands of auto workers’ jobs within just two years, a claim that has sparked intense debate across the nation.

“If you’re a United Auto Worker or an auto worker anywhere in this great nation, they’re going to destroy your business. Within two years, you won’t have a job,” Trump warned. “I’m going to bring back jobs, bring back the manufacturing of automobiles right here in our country, just like the good old days.”

Trump’s promise to repeal Biden’s EV mandates stems from concerns that these regulations would result in the loss of jobs for thousands of dedicated auto workers. He urged union members not to endorse Democrats who support these mandates, arguing that they would ultimately put American auto workers out of business.

“Tell your union head not to endorse the Democrats who are going to put you out of business. It doesn’t matter what you make per hour; you’ll be jobless within two years. I’m going to make you prosperous, secure you a job, and bring back the car industry to America,” Trump passionately declared.

In addition to safeguarding jobs, Trump also criticized the impact of Biden’s EV mandates on car prices, asserting that they have surged by nearly 30% since he left office. He pointed out that the average cost of a new car has now reached a staggering $50,000, with monthly car payments approaching $750.

“It’s a war on American automobiles, the American family, and the American dream itself,” Trump stated emphatically.

According to Trump, Biden’s EV mandates and stringent fuel economy standards have compelled car manufacturers to raise prices and, in some cases, eliminate their more affordable gas-powered models altogether. Trump argued that American consumers want choice and affordability when it comes to cars, and he criticized the fines imposed on automakers who fail to comply with the EV mandates.

Automakers, however, view Biden’s EV mandates as a cost-saving strategy and an opportunity to boost executive salaries. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers lucrative tax credits to automaker executives, incentivizing them to increase production and sales of electric vehicles.