House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is not happy with the fact that the people involved in an anti-Israel protest near the White House over the weekend have not been arrested.

During a press conference, Johnson said, “Outside a New York memorial for October 7th victims, shamefully, protesters chanted ‘Long live the Intifada,’ and outside the White House, vandals and apparently aspiring Hamas members chanted ‘Hezbollah, Hezbollah!’ and ‘Kill another Zionist now.’”

“Yeah, that happened in Lafayette Park. Plain and simple, it’s dangerous behavior and it’s disgusting that the Metro PD didn’t arrest anyone,” he added.

The anti-Israel protest on Saturday saw demonstrators trash Lafayette park next to the White House as they called for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas and demanded that President Joe Biden cut military aid to the Jewish nation.

Reporter Julio Rosas reported that “Anti-Israel protesters formed a mob and chased US Park Police and Secret Service out of Lafayette Square after officers apparently tried to arrest someone. Police are no longer inside the park and are on the boundaries of the protest.”

As seen in a video from Rosas, protesters chased police officers out of the park as they chanted, “You have to leave” and “F*** the police.”

In addition to the disturbance caused by the protesters, they also reportedly caused damages to public property, as a spokesperson for the National Park Service revealed that statues were vandalized.

According to the spokesperson “notable damage includes graffiti, damage to some structures and damage to park infrastructure in Lafayette Park.”

Per The Washington Free Beacon, D.C. police, The Secret Service and U.S. Park Police all said that they did not arrest anyone in connection to the protest. While police told NBC News that they tried to detain a person who climbed a statue, they claimed that members of the crowd intervened and the person got away in the scuffle.

Fox News, however, reported that the U.S. Park Police is looking into the protests. A spokesperson for the National Park Service also said that investigation is ongoing to identify “anyone involved in criminal activity that occurred on Saturday.”