Some Republicans in Congress are looking to hold President Joe Biden and future presidents accountable as he prepares to deliver a State of the Union address next month after missing another deadline to present his spending and national security plans to Congress.

Under a proposal named the SUBMIT IT Act, in short for Send Us Budget Materials & International Tactics In Time, presidents will not be allowed to give a grand speech after violating the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 which requires a president to submit his budget plans to Congress on the first Monday in February, and the National Security Act of 1947, which requires the president to submit a national security proposal on the same day.

Despite the deadlines, there is no enforcement mechanism, a loophole Congressional Republicans are hoping to fill by prohibiting House and Senate leadership from allowing the president address a joint Congressional session until both plans are submitted.

The SUBMIT IT Act is sponsored by Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA), who called Biden’s failure to present his national security proposal and budget plans earlier this month.

“President Biden’s budget was due on Feb. 5, yet Congress has seen nothing. This is irresponsible. Until Congress receives the president’s national security strategy and budget, he has no business delivering a State of the Union address,” Carter said.

A Senate version was introduced in the upper chamber by Sn. Joni Ernst (R-IA), who also spoke against president addressing both chambers and the nation without a plan in place.

“If the president is going to be allowed the opportunity to address Congress and the entire nation, he should actually have a plan in place. At a time when Americans are facing skyrocketing inflation and the world is on fire, we deserve more than just empty rhetoric,” he said as he announced the Senate version of the plan.

Biden has missed the deadlines for both plans for the past three years, turning them in 115, 49 and 31 days late, as highlighted by Kurt Couchman, a senior fellow in fiscal policy at Americans for Prosperity.

While Biden’s tardiness in submitting the plans raises an alarm as it’s not his first nor second time, other presidents have missed the deadline including his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who presented the plans 38 days after the deadline in his first year.

Former President Barack Obama also missed his deadline in 2009 by 98 days while former President George Bush before him was 63 days late in submitting his plan in 2003, per a Congressional Research Service report.

Despite the efforts to make sure such defaults do not happen again, former House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) has asked House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to stop Biden from giving his State of the Union address.

According to him, the House needs to take this chance to push Biden to take real action on the southern border crisis.

“We need to use every single point of leverage. [The president] comes at the invitation of Congress, and Republicans are in control of the House. There’s no reason that we need to invite him to get more propaganda and actually blame the American people for the crisis he’s caused,” he stated.