Former President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden and Democrats of running a “Gestapo” administration, a secret police force in the Nazi era that targeted Jewish people for arrest during the Holocaust. Trump made the remarks while speaking to donors at a private event at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida last weekend.

According to him, Democrats and Biden are coordinating the various indictments brought against him to boost Biden’s chances of reelection this year.

“These people are running a Gestapo administration. And it’s the only thing they have. And it’s the only way they’re going to win, in their opinion, and it’s actually killing them. But it doesn’t bother me,” he said.

Trump called Democrats cheaters who gain votes with economic safety net programs. “When you are Democrat, you start off essentially at 40% because you have civil service, you have the unions and you have welfare. And don’t underestimate welfare. They get welfare to vote, and then they cheat on top of that — they cheat,” the former president said.

He then slammed special counsel Jack Smith who is leading his classified documents case and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis who brought up his 2020 election case. He blasted Smith as a “f***ing a**hole and “an evil thug” who is “unattractive both inside and out” before calling Willis out over her romantic relationship with then-prosecutor Nathan Wade who she recruited to join Trump’s case.

Trump’s comparison of the Biden administration to the Nazi-era method has been criticized by Biden’s reelection campaign, whose spokesman, James Singer, said, “Trump is once again making despicable and insulting comments about the Holocaust, while in the same breath attacking law enforcement, celebrating political violence, and threatening our democracy.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bate also responded to the Republican presidential candidate’s attack on his boss, saying that Biden is focused on bringing Americans together rather than “echoing the appalling rhetoric of fascists, lunching with Neo Nazis, and fanning debunked conspiracy theories that have cost brave police officer their lives.”