First lady Jill Biden faced some backlash on social media on Wednesday for claiming that President Joe Biden is “calm” and “steady” compared to former President Donald Trump, who she says represents chaos.

In a bid to turn followers to Biden during an appearance on “Good Morning America,” Jill said, “We have a choice, this is what I’m out there saying. We have a choice we can have my husband who is calm, and steady and strong and has character and integrity or we have the other choice, which is chaotic.

“We have to decide. Democracy or chaos,” she added.

Her remarks attracted social media criticism from conservatives, who found her portrayal of the president as “calm” and “steady” laughable.

In a post to X, Red State writer Bonchie wrote, “Narrator: He’s incredibly weak, has a history of anger problems, and has so little integrity that he can’t give a simple speech without telling multiple, already-debunked lies.”

“Joe Biden is not well. Jill has known this for some time, but let (or encouraged) him to run for a second term. She is not a good person,” Peter Cook tweeted.

“How does a man who has a well documented history of lying have character and integrity?” Shawn Raloff wrote.

“This doesn’t work this time. Does anything feel calm?” conservative commentator Stephen L. Miller asked in response to the video shared by the Republican National Committee.

Jill’s portrayal of Biden as “calm” and “steady” is contradicted by reports of him losing his cool in recent years. During a town hall in 2019, he seemed to call a man a liar and worse,“fat.”

“Look, fat, look, here’s the deal,” he appeared to have said, prompting a group of schoolchildren to gasp off-camera. He and his campaign, however, denied it, saying that he had said “fact” and not “fat.”

A report by Axios also highlighted accusations of anger issues against the president, noting that his aides try to avoid meeting him alone out of fear for his wrath. “”Godd— it, how the f— don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f—-ing bulls— me!” and “Get the f— out of here!” he reportedly says in his outbursts sometimes.

According to a Biden admin official, “No one is safe.”