The son of an imam from Gaza revealed who is causing the suffering of Gazans – Hamas. Ala Mohammed Mushtaha, son of Imam Mohammed Mushtaha, published a tell-all article, stating that his father has been seized by Hamas just because he refused to preach Hamas’ preferred message to the people of Gaza.

According to Ala, Hamas wanted Mohammed Mustaha to tell the people that violent resistance to Israel and complete obedience to Hamas is the best way.

In his words “They instructed him to brainwash people with their politics, to stick with Hamas and with the ‘resistance,’ and that it’s the only choice. That those who died fighting would be rewarded with 72 black-eyed virgins. Patience, jihad, all of that stuff. Hamas exploits our religion, pretending to be modern-day prophets, likening themselves to the companions of the prophet Muhammad.”

But upon the imam’s refusal, he was seized from his home on Dec. 30 by 20 masked men.

Ala stated that his father has asked that his family let the world know the true story if he should get killed. According to him, Mohammed Mustaha made the request as he was being dragged out of his home in order to ensure that Hamas does not get away with another atrocity its usual way – by blaming it on the Israeli army.

According to Ala’s article, Hamas tried to control his father’s sermons and use his mosque as a sort of weapons cache. In a bid to have their way, the terrorist group allegedly arrested him and his brother, whom he did not name, up to 10 times in three years.

His tale was that of fear for their lives as he said, “Sometimes they would speak politely, sometimes they would ask us to comply ‘for the sake of your sisters,’ but always the threat of violence loomed in the background. And several times we were beaten and humiliated in front of our father. They beat him, too, once nearly blinding him.”

Ala made it clear that Hamas’ preaching is false and that Gazans are brainwashed into thinking that Israel is behind their suffering. According to him, Hamas is the real reason for the people’s suffering and people are starting to see it now.

He explained that a majority of people in Gaza are turning their backs on Hamas while blaming the deaths of 20,000 Gazaans and the injury of 50,000 more on the militant group.

There is less fear among the people, according to him, and people are not only beginning to be more vocal about the role Hamas played in destroying their lives, but are also violating rules, laws and dictates in defiance.

Ala’s claims are consistent with a report from Wall Street Journal last month about how the people of Gaza have begun to whisper criticism of the group among each other. Hamas has been accused severally of inflicting suffering on its people amid its war with Israel, going as far as reportedly stopping them from leaving the endangered zone while using them as human shields.