In a recent episode of “The Rich Eisen Show,” comedian Bill Burr addressed the controversy surrounding his wife, Nia Hill after she was caught flashing her double middle fingers towards former President Donald Trump at a UFC match in New York City on Nov. 11.

Trump, accompanied by son Donald Jr., Tucker Carlson, Dana White and Kid Rock, had been welcomed with a loud ovation upon his entry into the arena just before the featherweight match between Pat Sabatini and Diego Lopes. However, somebody in the crowd did not share in the majority’s enthusiasm.

While others clapped and cheered for the former president, Hill was busy raising both of her middle fingers at his back, as seen in footage of the arena. Her gesture was quickly caught by social media users, several of whom criticized her.

“Donald Trump walked into an arena that holds 20,000 people and 19,999 people were so happy. And then there was Bill Burr’s wife,” The Post Millennial editor Libby Emmons tweeted.

“What a classless act,” filmmaker Jonathan Flora tweeted.

“Obviously, she does not know how to act in a room full of full grown adults. Move her to the nap room. STAT. She’s an embarrassment to professional women everywhere,” another X user wrote.

Speaking on “The Rich Eisen Show,” Burr is now defending his wife’s actions while challenging Trump supporters to embrace the same freedom of expression they champion.

During the interview, Eisen playfully asked the “Breaking Bad” actor how his wife’s “hands” are faring after the backlash from her infamous move. Burr responded, saying, “They’re fantastic. I love my wife, you know where you stand with [her].”

He continued his defense, “The guy walked in the arena. Everybody cheered. She gave him the finger. Nobody got arrested. That’s why this country’s great. Everybody expressed themselves. Can we all be adults?”

Burr then delved into a critique of Trump’s supporters who label others as “snowflakes” while taking offense at criticism directed at their preferred politician. “Those Trump guys, they’re always going, ‘ah, you’re snowflakes, F your feelings,’ and all of that. And then you make fun of Trump, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so disrespectful!’ It’s like you’re saying, ‘F Joe Biden!’ It’s like, you can’t have it both ways!” he stated.

Hill has been outspoken in her criticism of Trump on social media. As early as 2012, she made her feelings about the GOP frontrunner known, writing, “Started to watch Miss Universe but forgot that asshole Trump was involved. #pass”

At the time, Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization before selling it off in 2015.

In a now-deleted post from 2020, she also expressed a wish that Trump would contract COVID-19. “God, I hope Trump gets coronavirus,” she reportedly wrote.