President Joe Biden has recently said negative things about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in private, a recent report by NBC News claimed. According to sources for the news outlet, the president has complained that Netanyahu is “giving him hell” as he tries to push for a cease-fire in Israel’s war against Hamas.

Per the sources, Biden makes “contemptuous references” to Netanyahu, going as far as referring to him as “this guy” and an “a—–e.”

“He just feels like this is enough. It has to stop,” a source said to NBC News.

The report about Biden’s negative comments about Netanyahu comes after the Israeli leader defended him a day earlier in an interview on ABC News.

Contradicting concerns that Biden is suffering a cognitive decline, Netanyahu had said he found Biden to be “very clear and focused.”

“We managed to agree on the war aims and many things. Sometimes we had disagreements, but they were not born of a lack of understanding on his part or my part,” he stated as seen in a video of the interview shared to X by Biden spokesman Andrew Bates.

The NBC report also comes after Biden said on Thursday that Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7 is “over the top.”

Responding to Biden’s comment, Netanyahu told ABC News that while he appreciates Biden’s support for Israel since the beginning of the war, he believes the president is wrong to consider their response as too much.

“We were attacked. unprovoked attack, murderous attack, on October 7th, the worst attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust. And let me tell you, I think we’ve responded in a way that goes after the terrorists and tries to minimize the civilian population in which the terrorists embed themselves and use them as human shields,” he explained.

During the interview, he also highlighted Israel’s effort to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.

In his words, “I think that any civilian loss, any civilian casualty is a tragedy, and it’s a tragedy that is forced upon us by Hamas. But let me tell you something. I’d be cautious with the Hamas statistics. And I can tell you that, according to these urban warfare experts and other commentators, we’ve brought down the civilian-to-terrorist casualties, the ratio, down below 1-1, which is considerably less than in any other theater of similar warfare. And we’re going to do more.”