A collective poop into the Seine River: A bunch of Parisians are hoping to pull it off as a protest against unsanitary water conditions ahead of the Summer Olympics.

That anger comes in response to a $1.5 billion government project aimed at depoluting the river ahead of the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. The government had promised to clean up the river in time for the late July kick-off to the Olympic games. Even French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo vowed to take a dip in the Seine to prove the water was clean.

But attempts to clean up the Seine have, for the most part, been in vain. Sewage and other sources have caused “alarming” levels of bacteria where companies are sampling at different points along the river. At the Alexandre III Bridge, where the swimming leg of the triathlon and marathon swimming events are due to start, this extends to “alarming levels of bacteriological pollution.”

Frustrated by the inactivity of the state, a provocateur recently created a website with an all time record breaking viral hashtag… #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin (I S*** In The Seine On June 23). The website rallies folks to participate as such: “after they throw us in s*** it’s their turn to swim in our s***.”

Writing to local outlet ActuParis, the anonymous person behind the website said: “At the beginning, the objective was to make a joke, by bouncing off this ironic hashtag. In the end, are people really going to go sh*t in the Seine, or set up militant actions? Nothing is excluded.”

Water quality has been an issue in the past with the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, experienced massive pollution and unsanitary conditions ahead of the 2016 Olympics leading to many advisories for athletes to not partake in water activities to prevent health hazards.

The Seine is said to be in pretty bad shape and local officials in France are blaming it on high rainfall that they say has exacerbated the issue. They say more disinfection sites will be switched on before the games to boost water quality.