Just as she predicted, former President Donald Trump https://www.dailywire.com/news/trump-unleashes-on-kim-reynolds-the-most-unpopular-governor-in-the-entire-united-states at Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds for her endorsement of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican presidential race.

Traditionally, Iowa governors wait until after the Iowa Caucuses to endorse a presidential candidate, but Reynolds broke tradition earlier this month and went on to publicly back DeSantis. She also revealed that the last time she spoke with Trump was when he had asked for her endorsement, which she declined.

In a video posted by Trump’s campaign on Tuesday, he said that Reynolds has lost popularity. “Kim Reynolds of Iowa has gone from a popular governor to the most unpopular governor in the entire United States of America. Not an easy feat,” he began.

Dragging in DeSantis, who he calls “a disaster,” he added, “Her endorsement of Ron DeSanctimonious, who is 50 points down to me in the polls, has given him exactly zero bounce. He’s a wounded bird falling violently from the sky. I wonder what position Kim was promised in order to back someone who is so far down in the polls.”

Trump, who joined Reynolds in her 2018 gubernatorial campaign against Democratic businessman Fred Hubbell, also referred to a Morning Consult poll that showed the governor’s popularity in the state had already declined before her endorsement of DeSantis, making her the governor with the lowest poll support in the country.

In the same video, the former president took credit for keeping Iowa’s GOP Caucuses first and allocating a huge sum of money for farmers in Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and other farming regions.

As he stated, “I got Iowa, first in the nation, ethanol security, and $28 billion for our great farmers in Iowa and Nebraska and Wisconsin, and many other farming areas of our country. $28 billion for the farmers. I also protected Social Security and Medicare; DeSanctimonious and Nikki Haley did absolutely nothing. Make America Great Again.”

He then went on to tout his poll numbers, which show him far ahead of other candidates vying for the GOP presidential ticket.

In response to Trump’s criticisms, Reynolds took to X to redirect the focus of the race, emphasizing the importance of the future of the country over personal matters.

“It’s not about me,” she tweeted. “It’s about our country. @RonDeSantis follows through on his promises, can serve 8 years, and has a WINNING record. He’s the most effective leader I’ve ever seen. If you like what we are doing in Iowa, you’ll love what he’ll do for this country!”

After her endorsement of DeSantis, Reynolds had stated that she expected Trump to attack her for not endorsing himself. “He doesn’t define who I am. I don’t care what he says,” she said, speaking to Gray TV.