Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) this week opened the veil on the secret tool used by the tech industry to censor conservative voices. Speaking to The Daily Wire, the senator revealed that some platforms utilize online service providers which are systematically “removing infrastructure services that conservative organizations need to operate.”

According to Cruz, this kind of censorship is not as visible to the public as the way platforms like Facebook censor conservative voices. However, he pointed out that the new breed is just as “problematic.”

Cruz’s remarks expand on a report by the Senate Commerce Committee which found that companies like Slack and Eventbrite have withheld their services from conservatives for political reasons.

“This is a strategy, and it’s a strategy they’re deliberately deploying to go after conservatives and silence them,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s investigation focused on Eventbrite’s attitude toward events that have to do with “What is a Woman?” a documentary by conservative political activist and author Matt Walsh.

Eventbrite reportedly removed pages for the events across the country from its platform, claiming that screenings of the documentary violated its Hateful Events Policy.

The event company only gave a broad statement about why it revoked access to groups. However, the Senate Commerce Committee found that nobody at the company watched the film, as the company failed to identify anything that violated its terms of service in the film.

“Eventbrite said that its decision to cancel the “What is a Woman?” event was based in a large part on their objection to the film itself. But then they couldn’t identify anything with the film that violated its terms of service,” Cruz stated.

Calling the company’s removal of the event a “brazen abuse of power” carried out in “an explicitly ideological leftist way to silence conservative voices while not silencing those voices on the left,” Cruz added, “They canceled the event without watching the movie.”

Eventbrite also canceled an event on “Protecting Women’s Sports” that featured Riley Gaines,” a female athlete activist who speaks out against the participation of biological men in women’s sports under the guise of transgender.

Cruz’s committee found that Eventbrite revoked its services from the event due to social media posts by Gaines, one of which had her stating that “real women … lack a Y chromosome.”

The committee also found that Slack, a communication platform used by companies, revoked access to the conservative account Libs of TikTok over statements that the company claims “incite hatred.”

According to Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, Slack’s removal of its services was abrupt and had left the company without a way to communicate and all of its prior communications lost.

In one of the posts cited by Slack, Libs of TikTok said that Boston Children’s Hospital was “offering gender-affirming hysterectomies for young girls.” While the post by Libs of TikTok sparked controversy for the hospital, it was a statement of fact.

Justifying itself to the committee, Slack said that “what makes [Libs of TikTok] problematic is that Libs of TikTok has a specific audience, and they are taking this information and posting it to that specific audience so that everyone in that audience sees it at the same time.”

Pointing to the problem with Slack’s claim, Cruz stated, “Understand what they’re saying: They’re saying the primary concern is that Libs of TikTok’s posts are read by a conservative audience. They’re not even claiming to be upset with Libs of TikTok’s posts, most of which are retweets of posts from leftists. They’re just saying it’s objectionable that you actually have conservatives reading or watching what you’re putting out.”