Podcast giant Joe Rogan was impressed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ tough stance against home squatters after he signed a bill that would increase the penalities for illegal squatting and make it easier and quicker for homeowners to remove them.

Highlighting how squatting has become rampant across the country, Rogan referenced a story about a Venezuelan illegal alien who made a video teaching people how to twist the U.S. law to steal people’s homes via squatting. He also pointed to a squatting case gone wrong, in which a woman was killed by squatters in a property that belonged to her late mother.

“It’s a lot of states, but it’s not in Florida. And Florida, they’re like f*** you. Like DeSantis just had a little press conference yesterday about it. And he’s like, ‘in Florida, that does not fly.’ You know, there’s no way anyone’s gonna squat in your house in Florida. Which is what people want to hear,” Rogan said.

“You know, nobody wants their f***ing, look, if you work really hard, you get a house and you have a second house. You can use it as a rental property or whatever, you’re trying to make some money. And then someone takes over that and the system works for them and not for you? There’s a big difference between tenants and squatters. And if you can’t make that differentiation, we got a real problem,” he continued.

The podcaster then went on to commend DeSantis’ action against the anomaly and suggested that other states emulate his move.

“It’s just I don’t understand why there’s so many laws that have been around for so long, that when you see common sense solutions, like Ron DeSantis saying, ‘No, you can’t do that. Stop. That’s not going to happen in Florida.’ That should be every state, they should say ‘no, you can’t steal people’s houses’. That should be simple. That has nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican,’ he said.

“It’s like stealing property, just like no one should be able to steal your car,” he added. “No one should be able to steal your clothes, they shouldn’t be able to steal your house, it seems that’s logical. It has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia or white privilege or any of these dumb things they try to attach to this. It’s just law and order. We have to have a set of laws that we all abide by. If we’re going to have a peaceful society where you don’t create victims, and you don’t empower criminals. And the fact that that is complicated in 2024 is so strange to me.”

On Wednesday, DeSantis gave power to homeowners in his state by signing HB 621, which increases the penalty for illegal squatting and makes it “quick and simple to reclaim your home from squatters, avoiding costly delays, litigation, and missed rents.”