Former President Barack Obama constantly expresses worry about former President Donald Trump when he advises President Joe Biden, which he often does, according to insiders.

According to a senior aide who spoke to the New York Times, Trump’s ability to deliver the greatest comeback in the history of American politics worries Obama, as he realizes the high possibility of Trump defeating Biden in the 2024 election and getting reelected to the White House.

The aide revealed that Obama has “always” been concerned about Biden losing the election. Hence, he has reportedly been preparing to “eke it out” alongside the incumbent president in the election.

According to a CNN report on Monday, Obama believes that November’s election will be an “incredibly” close race. He is, however, not expected to campaign for Biden directly, as the news said that his focus will be on canvassing support for the president among Black and Latino voters, a demographic whose support for Biden is steadily dwindling. Obama will also be boosting the Biden campaign’s fundraising.

Per the outlet, Obama’s strategy to boost Biden’s chances in the election is to hit the road in the fall at the time when voters are bound to pay the most attention. The plan reportedly includes visits to college campuses and major cities in battleground states.

Obama is billed to show up for Biden at a fundraising event in Manhattan on Thursday, alongside former President Bill Clinton. Political strategists believe the partnership between the president and the two former presidents would go a long way in rallying the Democratic Party around Biden, as he battles low poll numbers and concerns about his age and mental capacity.

Leon Panetta, who worked in the administrations of both Biden’s Democratic predecessors, said, “There is everything to be gained by Joe Biden standing next to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That picture is worth a hell of a lot in politics today.”