Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed Congress for not giving his department adequate resources to fight the immigration crisis. Speaking on “Special Report” with anchor Bret Baier about the impeachment efforts House Republicans are making against him, he insisted that he has been doing his job right.

When Baier raised the question of how many illegal immigrants have been let into the United States in the Biden administration, he didn’t provide a direct answer, but sought to “clarify a misunderstanding.”

He explained that migrants who cross the border into the country are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings, according to immigration law.

Asked to provide a ballpark number, Mayorkas said that “well more than a million” migrants are let into the interior of the country in the Biden administration. He also admitted that the United States’ immigration system is broken and needs action from Congress.

Mayorkas was also asked about information from Custom & Border Protection sources that nearly three-quarter of the migrants who cross into the United States are released everyday. In response, he said he is not surprised, adding, “We are enforcing the laws that Congress has passed.”

He then went on to state that Biden has asked Congress for supplemental funding to increase the number of agents at the border as well as fund the implementation of new technology.

He made sure to emphasize Congress’ role in passing laws that his office works with, pointing out that there are “broken laws that haven’t been reformed in more than 30 years.”

Mayorkas, however, does not think President Joe Biden’s admin has created a sort of migrant “magnet,” despite being reminded about the president’s 2020 call for asylum seekers to “immediately surge to the border.” After the comment made by Biden during a debate prior to the 2020 election, clips had resurfaced with migrants voicing “love” for Biden and support for his candidacy.

To Mayorkas, the migrant magnet is “a function of our broken system,” as he said that one of those magnets lies in the long wait for immigration court dates which could sometimes drag on for years.

Mayorkas’ remarks come as House Republicans are planning impeachment proceedings for him. In an advancement of the effort, the House Homeland Security Committee will hold a hearing next week to determine if he has failed in managing the southern border as his duty requires.