During their attack on Israel on Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists drew out Israeli soldiers stationed at the Nahal Oz surveillance control center by suffocating them with chemical weapons, according to The Times of Israel.

The local Israeli news outlet reported that Hamas fighters threw “an unspecified but toxic flammable substance” into the entrance of the control center. The substance reportedly created “a toxic gas that caused suffocation and loss of consciousness within a few minutes of exposure.”

While a soldier at the building’s entrance tried to kill off the flames, he could not stop the fire from spreading. Soon, the flames got inside the command center and even though soldiers trapped inside the building attempted to seal off the door with wet paper towels, they could not stop the toxic gas from coming in.

The soldiers, more than twenty of them, were left coughing and unable to breathe.

Recounting the soldiers’ accounts, an Israeli Defense Forces official said, “Some told us that they felt they were stepping on some people, they tried to pick them up, and with the rest of their strength tried to call to them. They were simply surviving and trying to figure out how to get themselves out of there.”

The soldiers managed to get to the emergency exit but could still not escape, as the door had also been set on fire to stop them from escaping. Hamas ended up killing 15 of the soldiers and took six hostage. Seven officers managed to escape through a small bathroom window after one of them climbed up to smash the window.

One of the soldiers killed was a 19-year-old lady identified as Cpl. Shirel Mor. Mor’s mother lamented the death of her daughter during an interview on Tuesday, per The Times of Israel.

“She was put here for twenty years to educate me, her father, and her older sister and older brother. She contributed so much at home,” she said of Mor.

“How will I live? I had her at 40 years old; I gave myself a gift,” the mother lamented further.