Florida Governor Ron DeSantis  is maintaining his strong position on revoking student visas for those demonstrating in support of the terrorist group Hamas. 

In a recent interview on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance,” anchor Eric Bolling questioned the governor and 2024 presidential candidate about his proposal, asking for his thoughts on the response from the opposition. 

DeSantis firmly defended his stance, stating, “You do not have a right of foreigner does not have a right to be here. They’re here at the grace of the American people. If they’re on a student visa, that is absolutely revokable, based on government policy. And so what I would say is, if you are foreign nationals on a student visa if you’re out, demonstrating in favor of Hamas and terrorist attacks, against that innocent people in Israel. I would yank the visa. I would send you home.”

He further emphasized the importance of prioritizing American students, highlighting that the number of spots at universities is limited. He expressed concern about the implications of having an overwhelming number of foreigners from different countries.

“If you look at what’s happened in Europe, they have been importing a lot of people and now it’s really changed the underlying dynamics of those societies. You have massive pro Hamas demonstrations, massive anti semitism all over. I don’t want that here in the United States,” he explained.

“So yes, we will be very forceful will send people back because we just need to nip this in the bud. I have seen a lot of stuff people take to the streets things for that I disagree with and that’s fine, but to support openly a terrorist organization like that, I think that’s a new low for a lot of these universities,” he added.

These statements from DeSantis come after his previous declaration that he would revoke student visas for Hamas sympathizers if elected president in 2024. During a campaign stop in Iowa on Friday, he reiterated his unwavering support for Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, emphasizing the presence of foreign students among the protesters.

“You see students demonstrating in our country in favor of Hamas. Remember, some of them are foreigners,” he stated, adding that he will be “canceling your visa and I’m sending you home.”

Fellow GOP presidential contender Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who was with DeSantis at the same event, echoed the same sentiment, announcing his plan to withhold Pell Grants from universities that fail to address and combat anti-Semitism on their campuses.

DeSantis’ comments are in line with his stance on the Israel-Hamas war, as he has stood behind Israel and condemned pro-Palestine protests as a “total disgrace.” The steps he has taken over the past two weeks include imposing sanctions on Iranian businesses in Florida due to Iran’s funding and support of Hamas, and authorizing the return of Floridians from Israel.