One of the issues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took California Governor Gavin Newsom to task over during their debate on Thursday is parental rights. The Republican presidential candidate didn’t hold back as he confronted Newsom on a controversial bill that he recently signed into law.

At some point during the debate, he said, “Let me just say something about parents’ rights because he says California respects parents’ rights. This is rich; he’s been telling a lot of whoppers tonight; this may be the biggest.”

The bill in question allows minors to travel from out of state to receive transgender treatments without their parent’s consent.

Pointing out the absurdity of the bill, DeSantis said, “In California, if you’re a parent in Iowa, or New Hampshire, or South Carolina, your minor child can go to California without your knowledge or without your consent and get hormone therapy, puberty blockers…all without you knowing or consenting.”

The GOP presidential candidate continued to question the logic behind this law, saying, “How in the heck is that honoring parents’ rights when you’re bringing people from out of state to go around their parents’ backs and getting life-altering surgeries? That is radical; that is extreme-”

Newsom did not have much to say for himself other than saying, “You know what, Ron? These kids just want to live!”

But DeSantis remained firm in his stance, asserting, “That is an assault on parents’ rights… It’s not for you to decide! It’s for the parents to decide. And the parents do not want their kids going [and doing this].”

On Friday, the Florida governor shared a video of his debate on his X account, reemphasizing his stance.

In September, Newsom signed AB 223, a bill that takes away a parent’s right to know if their children decide to identify as another gender. This was part of several legislations the governor signed that month to push transgenderism.