Microsoft is practically showing off its practice of paying its white employees less than non-white employees who are employed in similar roles. The company made the admission in its 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report as it attempted to outline its commitment to the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda.

“All racial and ethnic minority groups who are rewards eligible combined earn $1.007 total pay for every $1.000 earned by US rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure,” the company wrote in its report.

The report also added that Black and African American employees in the U.S. are paid $1.004 for every $1.000 paid to “U.S. rewards-eligible white employees with the same job title and level and considering tenure.” Asian employees earn even higher at $1.012.

According to Microsoft, this form of payment is their way of ensuring equity in payment for its employees across all races.

“This pay equity data represents total pay. Our total pay analysis considers base, annual bonus, and stock awards at the time of annual rewards for rewards- eligible employees,” the report stated.

This would not be the first time Microsoft would discriminate against white employees in pursuit of the DEI agenda. In 2022, the company was wrapped in controversy over its decision to reduce the number of White and Asian nominations for a research fellowship that includes a $42,000 stipend to launch delivery startups.

Microsoft is only one of many companies discriminating against some employees in favor of the DEI agenda. Another one of such companies, Disney, also has a similar policy that determines pay bonus structures with diversity metrics.

The policy led to a federal civil rights complaint filed by America First Legal, a foundation that takes on corporations that discriminate against white, Asian and male employees or applicants.

A press release from the foundation read, “The law prohibits Disney from using race, color, religion, sex, or national origin merely as a motivating factor for hiring, training, or promotions. But a document on Disney’s ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ website strongly suggests that race, color, religion, sex, or national origin are often the only motivating factor in Disney’s hiring, training, and promotion decisions.”

America First Legal also alleged that Disney intentionally engages in discrimination against white American men, Christians and Jews because of their race, religion, citizenship and gender.

Other companies like Apple, Oracle, IBM, Best Buy, Bayer and Liver all have held training programs that excluded whites or both whites and Asians.