In just a week the GOP convention will feature former President Donald Trump as the party’s Republican nominee.

Some of the major themes Trump’s 2024 campaign will likely be built on include border security and opposing illegal immigration, deportation efforts, crime, and global conflict.

“Our future, our identity, and our very way of life are under threat like never before. Today we must once again call upon the same American Spirit that led us to prevail through every challenge of the past if we are going to lead our Nation to a brighter future,” states the platform’s preamble, which is titled “America First: A Return to Common Sense.”

“Like the Heroes who built and defended this Nation before us, we will never give up,” the document continues. “We will restore our Nation of, by, and for the People. We will Make America Great Again. We will be a Nation based on Truth, Justice, and Common Sense.”

Republicans have also outlined a list of what they want to get done should they win the presidency and majorities in both houses. This includes:

  1. Close the border
  2. Prepare and execute the biggest mass deportation operation
  3. End inflation
  4. Make American the energy dominant leader of the world
  5. End outsourcing
  6. Defend The Constitution
  7. Stop World War Three and bring peace back to Europe and the Middle East
  8. Eradicate the weaponization of government on American individuals
  9. End migrant crime epidemic
  10. Rebuild our cities to make them safe again
  11. Rebuild and modernize our military
  12. Leave the dollar as world reserve currency
  13. Defend social security and medicare
  14. Keep men out of women sports
  15. Make college campuses safe again from protesters
  16. Make elections safe and legal

Among other things, the GOP platform wants to highlight its position on important social issues, such as abortion and left-wing gender insanity.

The RNC Convention will take place in Milwaukee where Trump is expected to become the party’s official nominee and where Republicans will find out who Trump chooses as his running mate.