On Friday, a top Democratic mega donor announced that she will not abandon her support for President Joe Biden despite pleas from some members within the party to kick him off of the ballot.

“I continue to support President Biden’s re-election effort and I am making my maximum contribution to his campaign today,” said Billionaire real estate heiress Amy Goldman Fowler, one of the largest contributors to a party in New York.

Goldman Fowler has given $27 million to Democrats over the course of her life and plans to contribute an additional $400,000 toward Biden’s re-election campaign.

New York Times reporter Teddy Schleifer: “You probably have not heard of Amy Goldman Fowler, but she is a *way* bigger donor than people you have heard of. A lot of ink gets spilled in this business on mega-donors who are more bark than bite. This one is the precise opposite.”

Following his CNN debate with former President Trump, Biden has been working to silence voices within his own party who are concerned with his health and are rallying to replace him as the nominee before the Democratic convention.

Biden recently sat down with ABC News on Friday to discuss the debate, citing that it was simply a bad episode and he had a cold.

Most agreed that Biden was better for the ABC News interview than during the debate, which is certainly a low bar to clear. However, Republicans have expressed doubts about how reassuring his performance will be in proving that he is mentally capable of serving as president for the next four years.